1. megansroleplays:

    she's a maneater;     twenty songs devoted to the girls with their middle fingers up, not giving a fuck.         [listen.]

    001. really don’t care; demi lovato. 002. express yourself/born this way; ariana grande. 003. trouble; neon jungle. 004. hard out here; lily allen. 005. fu; miley cyrus. 006. do it like a dude; jessie j. 007. fancy; iggy azalea. 008. misery business; paramore. 009. run the world; beyonce. 010. just a girl; no doubt. 011. royals (the weeknd remix); lorde. 012. crown on the ground; sleigh bells. 013. maneater; nelly furtado. 014. bubblegum bitch; marina and the diamonds. 015. acapella; karmin. 016. grow a pear; ke$ha. 017. if you can afford me; katy perry. 018. fuck you; lily allen. 019. i love it; icona pop. 020. kill my boyfriend; natalia kills. 

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  2. nue:

    itunes has got it all wrong the hottest single of the year is me

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  3. connorkawaii:

    "you’re obsessed with video games"


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  4. jpgay:

    really punk?? really? wanna fight about it?? wanna cuddle about  it?? wanna maybe makeout about it??

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  5. I don’t care about losing people who don’t wanna be in my life anymore. I’ve lost people who meant the world to me and I’m still doing just fine.
  6. babyferaligator:

    hey i heard u like bad boys, i dont mean to brag or anything but im really really bad. at everything.

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  8. crrocs:

    What if everyone’s parents start getting tumblr like they did with Facebook

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  9. She Don’t Like The Lights (Video Intro) - Believe Movie

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